My great-grandmother, Marianna Ritorto, was born in 1855 in the village of Gioiosa Ionica.  To find the origin of this female line, I had to find a female descendant of Marianna Ritorto, who was willing to test for me.  My great-grandmother’s mtDNA, which was inherited from her mother’s mother’s mother’s line way back in time, virtually unchanged from 1000s of years ago, places her overall on branch H26 of the Human Female Family Tree.   This sub-branch of Haplogroup H occurs throughout the Middle East and Europe in low frequencies.   The origins  of my great-grandmother’s specific Haplogroup of H26 is hard to pinpoint at this time, until we get more world-wide samples in the database for scientists to analyze .    You can read more about Haplogroup H and its sub-branches here on Wikipedia’s website.