My 4th great-grandmother, Rosalia Infusini, was born in 1742 in the village of Martone.  To find the origin of this female line, I had to find a female descendant of Rosalia Infusini, who was willing to test for me.   My 4th great-grandmother’s mtDNA, which was inherited from her mother’s mother’s mother’s line way back in time, virtually unchanged from 1000s of years ago, places her overall on branch H13a1a2a of the Human Female Family Tree.  This happens to be the same line that my grandmother, Maria Giuseppa Papallo, descends from.   However, it is not that unusual that two of my different grandmother’s lines come from the same maternal ancestor, since Martone is a small village of only about 3000 people.   In any case, this sub-branch of Haplogroup H occurs in the Caucauses Mountains, the Middle East, and in Italy.   To see this specific sub-branch, click on the link Human Female Family Tree and go to Branch  R0 at the bottom of the page.  Click on that link.  That will take you to the sub-divisions of Branch R0, where you can further find sub-branch H13.    My 4th great-grandmother’s specific Haplogroup of H13a1a2a probably first appeared in the Caucauses Mountain area.    My 4th great-grandmother’s maternal line came from this part of the world.   You can read more about Haplogroup H and its sub-branches here on Wikipedia’s website.