Caterina Nadile was born in the 1700s in Martone.   A descendant on the female line of Caterina Nadile—her daughter’s daughter’s daughter’s son– took an mtDNA test for the Calabria DNA Project, to find the origin of this female line.  .   This participants mtDNA, which was inherited from his mother’s mother’s mother’s line way back in time, virtually unchanged from 1000s of years ago, places his maternal line overall on branch U5 of the Human Female Family Tree.  To investigate the specific sub-branch of  Haplogroup U5 his maternal line is on, we would have to test more markers on his mtDNA.   This would allow us to pinpoint her origins more precisely and more recently.   However, at this time, just by knowing that his maternal line is in Haplogroup  U5,  we can still say that generally her origins are in Northern Europe.   To see this specific sub-branch, click on the link Human Female Family Tree and go to Branch  U at the bottom of the page.  Click on that link.  That will take you to the sub-divisions of Branch U, where you can further find sub-branch U5.   You can read more about Haplogroup U and its sub-branches here on Wikipedia’s website.